Special Effects


Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping, also known as Video Mapping or 3D Mapping, is the implementation of projection technology to turn an ordinary object into a video display surface.  The object may be a large building wall or a smaller object such as a wedding cake, for example.

Professional computer software integrates with a video projector to allow us to shape the output of the projector and thus project video onto almost any type of surface.

Long gone are the days of only being able to project to a flat projection screen.  With Projection Mapping, the possibilities are endless.  We can create 3D projections by projecting onto the various sides of a cube shaped object, or we can project onto a vehicle and have it change color and designs right in front of your attendees eyes.  Can't decide on a design for your wedding cake?  With Projection Mapping, you can have multiple designs that change throughout the evening.


Party Enhancements

Party enhancements are a great way to increase the excitement of your event and make your guests feel more involved and a part of the show.  We offer an array of different products including LED foam tubes, LED rings, glasses, and mouth pieces, confetti poppers, and more to add some extra interaction and excitement to your event.


Fog & Atmospherics

Fog and other atmospherics, such as bubbles and snow, are great special effects that can be used to increase the theatrical aspect in your production.  Fog is used to enhance the effect of stage and dance floor lighting.  When fog is introduced, the beam of light is reflected off of the small water particles, allowing the beam to be visible to the eye as the particles cross the beam's pathway.  This is especially important when intelligent and special effects lighting is being used as these lights were designed to be used with fog because of the movements made by the beams.

A low-lying fog can be used to create a different kind of effect.  One of the effects in the case of weddings that is popular is the "dancing on a cloud" effect in which the low-lying fog makes it look like the couple is actually floating on a cloud.

A fog effect that mimics CO2 canons are also very popular and can be used for grand entrances and race start lines. Bubble and snow machines can also be used to enhance your event theme.


Snapchat Filter

Snapchat is growing in popularity and being used by almost everyone.  We can create a customized filter so that when your guests Snap from your event location, they have the option of using that filter in their Snaps.  This is another great way to customize your event and increase guest participation, as well as a great way to market your brand.


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